Hi, my name is Scott Harvey and this where I post about bicycle touring, travel and random thoughts from the road. Most of the posts will be about places, routes or events. You can read a bit more about me or get in touch on the about page.

Valencia to Barcelona

Mar 28, 2013

Valencia to Barcelona Mar 28, 2013

Valencia marked the start of my ride along the Mediterranean and I was hoping for a nice flat ride along the coast. As always there were some surprises along the way, both good and bad.

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Coimbra to Valencia

Feb 9, 2013

Coimbra to Valencia Feb 9, 2013

This 2 week ride through the heart of Spain was full of varied terrain and mixed weather conditions. With rolling hills, mountain climbs and even some snow along the way I was always kept on my toes and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Santiago de Compostela to Coimbra Jan 12, 2013

After spending a couple of weeks riding along the Camino Francés it was time to start heading south to Portugal. Before crossing the border I first took a detour via Finisterre and Muxia on the west coast of Spain.

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Packing for a bicycle tour Jan 11, 2013

What to take and what to leave at home? In this post I’ll go over everything I’ve currently got packed on my bike while I’m touring around Europe.

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Riding the Camino Francés Jan 9, 2013

For many people spending months walking the Way of St James is both a spirtual and fun milestone within their lives. Without much planning at all I found myself following this path to Santiago.

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Bordeaux, Bilbao and Burgos Dec 16, 2012

It was getting later in the year so I decided to head south to warmers weather. To kick of the next section of my trip I traveled to Bordeaux and from there I would be riding along the coast into Spain.

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Paris to Amsterdam

Dec 2, 2012

Paris to Amsterdam Dec 2, 2012

During 2 weeks in September I set off from Paris and I headed for Amsterdam. This ride took me through French wine country, along winding rivers, across Belgium and finished with a goat.

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How I started Bicycle Touring Oct 22, 2012

I guess I started my bicycle touring adventures a bit later than most other travelers seem to, I was almost 32 when I went on my first big tour which was a few weeks in New Zealand. Grab a drink and let me tell you a brief story about how it all began

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Sep 10, 2012

Paris Sep 10, 2012

Paris is such an iconic city that it’s hard to know where to start. I didn’t really have a plan when I arrived, but I had a list of things to see and do including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe and a few others.

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Stolen Bicycle

Aug 18, 2012

Stolen Bicycle Aug 18, 2012

I planned to stay in Paris for 2 weeks. While there I would catch up with a friend, see the sights of Paris, do some work, and then set off for Amsterdam. I never planned on getting my bike stolen.

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Tour de France

Jul 12, 2012

Tour de France Jul 12, 2012

Even though I enjoy riding I’ve never been a big fan of watching the Tour de France on television. I had heard it was great to see live, so Tim and I made sure we got to see the finish of one stage and just to make it interesting we decided to climb the mountain to the finish.

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The Chambery miscalculation Jul 10, 2012

On our trip from Geneva to Lyon, Tim and I gave ourselves a couple of days off here and there so we could really enjoy the French Alps. I think we started to enjoy the Alps a bit too soon…

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Starting the European tour Jul 9, 2012

It was finally time to start my big ride through Europe and I was happy to have a friend along to join me for the first leg of the trip. Little did I know that the very first day would bring an unexpected encounter.

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Jul 9, 2012

Berlin Jul 9, 2012

This 10 day visit to Berlin was my first trip to a European city and I was not at all disappointed. I had decided on Berlin as I knew several of my friends were going to be there at the same time so we could all enjoy the best that Berlin had to offer together.

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