Valencia to Barcelona

Mar 28, 2013

Valencia to Barcelona Mar 28, 2013

Valencia marked the start of my ride along the Mediterranean and I was hoping for a nice flat ride along the coast. As always there were some surprises along the way, both good and bad.

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Coimbra to Valencia

Feb 9, 2013

Coimbra to Valencia Feb 9, 2013

This 2 week ride through the heart of Spain was full of varied terrain and mixed weather conditions. With rolling hills, mountain climbs and even some snow along the way I was always kept on my toes and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Santiago de Compostela to Coimbra Jan 12, 2013

After spending a couple of weeks riding along the Camino Francés it was time to start heading south to Portugal. Before crossing the border I first took a detour via Finisterre and Muxia on the west coast of Spain.

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Riding the Camino Francés Jan 9, 2013

For many people spending months walking the Way of St James is both a spirtual and fun milestone within their lives. Without much planning at all I found myself following this path to Santiago.

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Bordeaux, Bilbao and Burgos Dec 16, 2012

It was getting later in the year so I decided to head south to warmers weather. To kick of the next section of my trip I traveled to Bordeaux and from there I would be riding along the coast into Spain.

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Paris to Amsterdam

Dec 2, 2012

Paris to Amsterdam Dec 2, 2012

During 2 weeks in September I set off from Paris and I headed for Amsterdam. This ride took me through French wine country, along winding rivers, across Belgium and finished with a goat.

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